Building Trust works with existing charities and communities in need. Providing building support, design advice and education on sustainable principles of design and architecture. Be it building a school, a health centre or looking at housing solutions. If you have a project that we may be interested in supporting please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We hope to encourage more people to get involved with humanitarian design.
Built environment professionals and designers have role to play in providing support and answers to critical questions related to urbanisation, shelter for all, inclusive design, sustainable approaches, ideas of permaculture and systemic urban growth. We encourage collaborative multi agency working and integrated approaches where thoughtful design can be a catalyst for further sustainable development. 

We regularly hold design competitions to raise funds and get the best solution to a global issue. Our most recent competitions are related schools for migrant and refugee communities, housing in flood risk areas and the rise of single occupancy housing and the poor standard of living that many elderly and young poor are forced to live in. You can see the shortlists by clicking the images on the right.

As a result of the competitions we have built the winning designs providing schools that move with displaced communities and homes that can survive flooding and are a safe place for those most in need. Toegther with our partners we have highlighted humanitarian issues and paths to viable sustainable solutions.





You can make a difference today to peoples lives around the World. We ensure that we provide lasting solutions making sure that any donation goes to those that really need your support.



Do you think that designers have a role in providing solutions to some of the World's problems? Do you have the skills to address these issues? Become a member and we will notify you of new and exciting competitions and challenges before everyone else, send you a newsletter each quarter full of information for the development activist and give you the chance to become involved with the delivery of our projects both locally to you and in some amazing locations around the world.

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