MOVED2CARE Competition Honourable Mention

MEDIC is an initiative that aims to progressively ensure all rural communities have access to a medical facility. This will ensure widespread immunization, screening and education. While the presence of the physical facility is temporary, the education programs and establishment of telecommunicated health network will have a lasting impact. Module dimensions are based on space required by a surgery table and its associated circulation space. The only component of the overall clinic not constructed locally is the unit containing bathroom, kitchen and drainage constituents to ensure high quality waste management. The raised floor structure primarily functions as water and waste storage, through the use of bladder tanks. However, if required these can be emptied and filled with air to allow the building to float where flooding may be a risk associated with a particular location.


The project team members are:

Jeffrey Blewett, Jerome Heaton, Britt Hendriks, Andrew Kim, Emily Louie, Sarah Yap, from University of Sydney, Australia.

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