MOVED2CARE Competition Honourable Mention

Health+ has been designed modulating spaces according to their functions. The main core of the structure, protected and insulated from the outside, encloses the room for dentist, gynaecologist and small surgical intervention. Near this one spreads the welcome desk where patients are received and directed  to doctors and specialists. From the same location, the medicines prescribed by doctors are dispensed. Spaces used as waiting room, can also accommodate meetings and specific courses on child care and health education. On the right of the welcome desk, there are rooms for specialist visits, oculist, as well as rooms for GP visits for adults and children. To guarantee flexibility and privacy, the rooms for medical examinations and visits are screen by canvas (fixed with hooks to the roof and the floor) that can be removed when needed. Furthermore, all the rooms are furnished with modular and rollaway tables, chairs, benches, lockers, shelves and cupboards


The project team members are:

Deborah Gotti, Istituto Universitario Studi Superiori Pavia (IUSS Pavia), Italy

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