MOVED2CARE Competition Honourable mention

For a region that needs to rapidly expand the delivery of quality healthcare to a large under-served population  - most of which is largely rural - focus for the traveling Healthcare Centre must be as much about its “approachability” as about its “relocatability”. Wings of Care takes a nuanced view of the sterile, forbidding spaces of healthcare and transforms them into Spaces of Joy that embrace their natural setting and provide a friendly, humane environment that is welcoming and reassuring to its patients. The building platform of the Centre  is based on a robust, lightweight, easily transportable system with local bamboo as its primary component.
The dimensional limitation of the project is based on its transportability. For a Centre that must travel off highways and onto rural roads, the standard shipping container size was discarded in favour of a smaller module that can sit at the back of a 20-feet flatbed truck.
The primary structural component is a Fabric-covered Bamboo Parabolic Arch. The arch has pivoted arms that open up to form weather-protection canopies over the building openings. Seven arches open to form a 135° sector that makes up a single module. The circular form allows for shorter circulation paths while enclosing courtyards that then form the heart of the Centre.


The project team comprises of:

Jude D'Souza, Dhara Mehta, Rohit Jain from JDAP, India.

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