MOVED2CARE Competition Honourable mention

Using Care, Cure and Educate as guiding principles, this proposal merges the knowledge and simplicity of tradition, with the use of modern and local materials to offer a functional, recognisable and simple solution to this clinic. Flexibility is the key to success, since this strategy needs to accommodate to a variety of contexts. Like the bamboo bends to the wind, this project bends to the potential of the culture and traditions it is placed in, allowing for medical care, cure and education, while engaging the local tradition in the process. 

The structural geometry is based on the triangle, the strongest and simplest of structural solutions. A triangular section offers high ceilings to naturally dissipate heat, as well as steep roofing for a fast water run-off. This basic structure allows for a large open-plan system without columns, with flexibility of distribution of spaces over time. Flooring is thin and cool, but where more controlled spaces are required (surgery space, toilets or medic storage) specific materials are used to create a “box in a box system” meeting the specific requirements of the function. This allows for targeted material allocation where necessary and a better use of resources. 


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MAP Architects

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