MOVED2CARE Competition Honourable mention

A summary of the four pods that create the full medical facility:
Amenities Pod
One half contains a small kitchen area for staff, including sink and under bench cupboards.
The other side has a WC and sink for hand washing, as well as a small bench for changing babies. Wall mounted shower hose connection is possible if necessary. Water collection storage (held under the floor of the pod system) is to be connected to plumbing fixtures on site and disconnected before transport.
Consult Pod
To be used for storage of loose pieces of the building structure, fabric and plant equipment during transport. The consult pod offers the flexibility to be used as needed e.g. storage of medical information leaflets and non-secure provisions. Once assembled the pod creates a semi or fully enclosed consultation room.
Procedures Pods
Two separate pods join together to form a fully-enclosed sterile space that is twice the area of the individual parts, providing enough space for a lightweight examination/surgical table. It contains fixed joinery along the inside of each pod, with the first pod housing a hand basin for wash up, services such as light, gases and water, and storage space. The second pod contains storage space as required, allocated bench space for a write up area and a lockable temperature controlled drug store. Pods contain openings in the walls and ceilings to allow for natural ventilation and dirty air purging.


The project team comprises of:

Melissa Perez, Justin Sargeant, Kimberley Deveney, Christopher Brynjulfsen, Cara Crossland and John Bui from Silver Thomas Hanley, Perth, Australia.

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