MOVED2CARE Competition Honourable mention

Mobile medical units may travel around the Southeast Asia to provide immediate medical care and may leave the area without changing much of its environment. Mobile care has bigger coverage for rural area than centralized hospital but the care is limited only to the short period, while visiting. Therefore, we propose that the Moved to Care mobile medical unit expands while its stay and leaves locally built Legacy Centre. Selected local people will be educated intensively so that they can provide informative service to their own locality. After the Moved to Care unit and medical staffs leave the site, the legacy centre continues to exist as a Local Centre, providing light health treatment, education and information. Together with physical space-Local Centre, educated people will make the Moved to Care socially sustainable architecture. In the long term the Local Centre will act as a docking station for the Mobile Centre, such as regular medical service, school, religion, etc. When future help comes in the 20’ container form of the mobile centre will have better association with the local centre spatially and functionally.


The project team comprises of:

Jooeun Sung AADipl ARB RIBA, Hyunwoo Na, Jinjin Li and Sanggyu Shin from Openplus Design Lab, Rep of Korea.

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