PLAYscapes Competition Honourable Mention

The Spiral Cloud is an interactive playground that encourages the appreciation of nature through its function and play. When the weather is warm, filtered river water emits and engulfs the entire structure like a giant cloud. This structure is designed to be on the Alkaff Bridge over the Singapore River, where children and adults can play and interact. The Spiral Cloud not only stimulates activities in this deserted area, but also brings the elements closer to us. As such, it is a bridge between nature and us.


Project Team: FIONA PHOEBE KU MUN YOKE, NGIENG JIXUAN, TEO JIA MING & LIM SHAO SIANG from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

Team member Ngieng Jixuan said, “The purpose of The Spiral Cloud is to allow play and interaction in an urban and deserted site, while using natural resources such as river water and wind. The method of play is environmental friendly as the mist are collected from the river and filtered. 


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