PLAYscapes Competition Honourable Mention

Project Description: Along an empty corner, where the subway reaches the surface, two gables have been waiting forever to be built. These windowless walls only support publicity and are an unattractive site. On the ground, the residual space is used for accessing to the subway’s entrance and passing by. This neglected space will become the support of a vertical parkour along the gables. The parkour proposal aims to open new possibilities of experiencing the city all along a day to day walk. The parkour project allows various activities: climbing nets, bouncing on rubber mats, crossing a rope bridge, hanging and hiding in ropes. The journey across the installation evokes an adventurous walk in the sky, through colorful clouds and rain.

Project Team: Yves Bettignies & Delphine Desmet

Delphine Desmet, Team Architect said,

"It has been a unique opportunity to develop our knowledge about playscapes and to work with people within the regional administration who support a creative approach of playscapes and public spaces."

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