PLAYscapes Competition Honourable Mention

The projects aims it to retrofit the value of an unused longstanding feature of the urban landscape and turn it into an urban playscape. London, as a dominant city during the industrial revolution, is full of chimneys from this era. For the project a 21-meter red-brick sewer vent shaft of 1906 was chosen as the site. The proposal is to transform a chimney into an urban playscape that will offer the excitement of flying above the city skyline. The chimney zip line will bring life to the neglected green space around it by attracting visitors and residents, as well as new activities around it.

Project Team:

Evgenia Batmanova - MSc in Urban Regeneration, architect, Katerina Sfyra - MSc in Urban Regeneration, architect. Consultants: Giulio Bellizia - Mechanical engineer, investment manager and Dimitris Sparis - Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, climber



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