PLAYscapes Competition Honourable Mention

The proposal consists of a lightweight and permeable device. This piece works as a public playground, and as a tool for the regeneration of a public or private space and its community. Children, teenagers and adults are mixed physically and visually. It is a piece that becomes a place proposing and promoting the relationship between users. The structure is a mutable artifact composed of lightweight modular wooden and metal frame porticos (beams / columns) and platforms (vertical / horizontal), which allow the user to go through and go up to different spaces to sit, contemplate, climb, play, exercise, or just socialize. The structure is a repeatable and expandable element whose location and dimensions are defined by the community.



Project Team: Arch Antonio Garcia de los Salmones and Arch. Jose Alberto Bethencourt Gallardo.

David Cole founding partner of Building Trust international said, “The beauty of this project lay in its simplicity and in the fact that you could see it working as a catalyst for community engagement in any number of scenarios. The
jury were unanimous in wanting to see it realised and we at Building Trust hope the design team continue to work with the local community and see the project through.”


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