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Following on from the success of the first MOVINGschools project in Mae Sot, Thailand we were approached by another school to offer support in the way of a number of new classrooms. Currently the remote school is having to turn away children as it is already over subscribed and has no space for additional students. This in turn means that children are missing out on an education. In 2013 with the funding support of Japan Association for Mae Tao Clinic we built 2 additional rooms that act as learning spaces and additional adminstration space.

The school is located 40km's out of Mae Sot to the south. The area is on the border of Thailand and Burma and has a high number of migrants and refugees as a result of the turbulent history of Burma.


Project Design:
The design of the new classrooms will make use of the MOVINGschool design where modules are prefabricated off site by local skilled apprentices that work for Ironwood. The project acts as a tool to educate local people on sustainable building techniques providing experience in working off plans and on site skills which they can use and develop long after the project is complete. The project also involves corporate support from Bayer who provided UV resistant twinwall polycarbonate walls which allow light to fill the space whilst keeping it dry and free from insects. We used recycled, reclaimed timber on the project rather than buy freshly milled teak which does still illegally make it over the border. The completed project has the flexibility to be taken down and moved with the school if they are forced to move. If they move of their own free will back to Burma then the school buildings can travel with them kickstarting development and reducing the disruption to teaching.

Project Images:

hope site


New school building

Opening ceremony

Inside classrooms

More photos:
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